NormaTec® Pulsed Massage and Recovery

NormaTec is the leader in rapid injury recovery systems. Their systems are known to give a competitive edge to the world’s elite athletes, coaches and trainers. NormaTec Pulse Recovery Systems are dynamic compression devices designed to establish recovery as an integral part of every athlete’s training. NormaTec's patented pulse technology helps athletes recover faster between training sessions and after competitive performances.

The system includes a control unit and special attachments for your legs, arms or hips. Using compressed air, the attachments massage, mobilize body fluids and speed recovery. During treatment, each segment of the attachment will compress and release in a sequential pulsating manner until the compression pattern works its way up along your entire limb. Created by an MD/PhD physician-bioengineer to improve blood flow and speed recovery, NormaTec maximizes your results in three ways:

1. Pulsing: Instead of static squeezing to move fluid out of the limbs, sequential pulse technology uses patented pulsing action to more effectively mimic pumping muscles while greatly enhancing the movement of fluid and metabolites after an intense workout.

2. Gradients: Veins and lymphatic vessels have one-way valves that prevent fluid backflow. NormaTec Pulse Technology uses pressure gradients to prevent fluids from being forced in the wrong direction. This allows the NormaTec Pulse and Pulse Pro to deliver maximum pressure to every zone, every time.

3. Distal release: Extended static pressure can impede normal circulation. But NormaTec’s Sequential Pulse Technology releases the hold pressures once they are no longer needed to prevent backflow. By releasing the hold pressure in each zone as soon as possible, the injured limb gains maximum rest without significant pauses between compression cycles.
NormaTec technology and its efficacy are backed by clinical research.

Discover uniquely effective pain relief from a sports injury doctor at CAP Alternative Therapy. Call 949.207.6965 or Make an Appointment. Our NormaTec patieints come to us from Trabuco Canyon, Mission Viejo, Lake Forest, Aliso Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita and close-by locations.

  • Thank you for your care, encouragement and for going unnecessarily out of your way for me. I appreciate you. My next step is to get the cortisone shot. Thank you again! ~ MaryAnne

  • Chuck and his team of experts are hands down the best at what they do. Their level of expertise, professionalism, and especially "bedside manner" is irrefutable. ~ Thomas G.

  • Dear Chuck: Thank you for taking such great care of Erin. I know it meant a lot for her to be able to play in the last few soccer games. Thank you also for taking care of my dad. I think he might be a long-term project though! You are appreciated! ~ Kandi B.

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