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“The wonder of Chuck and his gift to help get and keep my daughter Kelsi from pain has been nothing short of a miracle. We tried basic physical therapy with little results. We are so grateful for everyone there working with Chuck. Each has had great advice and insight to her specific condition and needs to keep up her desire to play softball in college. Thank you so much!!!” ~ Bonnie O.

“Chuck’s experience and knowledge has been invaluable. He truly cares about each athlete’s wellbeing and performance. I’ve gone to see him regarding various injuries and he is always able to repair the alignment and gives practical advice to help with the healing. I appreciate having access to Chuck and his staff. You guys are the best.” ~ Rosa P.

“Three out of the four people in our family have benefited from Chuck’s services. I have been enduring ankle pain for two years now. Chuck has worked on me on and off for over a year now. His vast knowledge, expertise and affordability has allowed me to visit him multiple times a week. All in all, Chuck has been a lifesaver for our family. He provides an unbelievable service that is affordable, attainable and his knowledge of the body and how it works is unmatched. He understands sports injuries like no one else that I know. I truly believe that many of our injuries would of not been healed so fast if we didn’t have Chuck to lean on. If I would trust him with my children, I would feel safe recommending him to anyone I know who is facing either a sports injury or a chronic pain issue. Thank you Chuck for being the one place we can go to ease our pain and provide a service that we couldn’t get or afford anywhere else!” ~ Shelley G.

“Mr. Pechin has done wonders for my shoulder using a Prom Muscle Release (PMR). Using the PMR has provided me significant relief and movement. Without his services, I would continue to be in a tremendous amount of pain. I’d like to add that Mr. Pechin has always acted in a pleasant and professional manner. We should all consider ourselves blessed to be able to call for his services.” ~ Inés A. N.

“Dear Chuck: I do not know how to even begin to thank you for everything this summer you opened up your experience, knowledge, garage, and especially your heart to me and I am truly thankful. You have also instilled in me more excitement about the world of kinesiology and helping people than I could have imagined. I hope you enjoyed this summer half as much as I did. Don’t miss my cool dance moves too much… Seriously though Chuck, THANK YOU!!!” ~ Julie T.

“We have been blessed to have been referred to Chuck Pechin through our dear friend Joedy Gardner. Chuck has helped our entire family numerous times. The time that stands out the most was when my son Klay could not even stand up straight after one of his high school basketball games. After one of Chuck’s visits, low and behold he was like new.” ~ Mychal, Julie, Mychel, Klay and Trayce T.

“Dear Mr. Pechin: Thank you for your support of the Santa Margarita Girls Golf team. With your support and the dedication of the entire golf team, we had a successful, undefeated season as the Trinity League Champs, CIF finalists, and #1 Golf Team in Orange County. We hope to see you again at our golf tournament in 2009. Thanks again.” ~ SMCHS Girls Golf Team

“Dear Chuck: Ed and I can’t thank you enough for your visit to Berkley to help Cat. We have so much confidence in your knowledge and ability to understand what the problem is. Cat felt light years better and was able to play in a scrimmage on Saturday! Thanks again for taking so much time and traveling to Berkley. We are incredibly grateful to you.” ~ Rita & Ed D.

Dear Uncle Chuck: Thank you so much for everything you did for me and my team in Miami. You have always taken care of me and squeezed me in whenever I needed an appointment. I also want to thank you for always being here for me, not only as Chuck but as someone who was always there to believe in me and support me. Your support and love have meant a lot to me, and thank you so much for everything. You’re the best! P.S. It was extra special that you were there to watch us win the gold and see me get all-tournament team! We couldn’t have done it without you! Love,” ~ Gillian N.

“Dear Chuck: Thank you for taking such great care of Erin. I know it meant a lot for her to be able to play in the last few soccer games. Thank you also for taking care of my dad. I think he might be a long-term project though! You are appreciated!” ~ Kandi B.

“Hey Chuck. Thank you for all the work you have done. Thanks to you, I’m injury free. Your work really helps my muscles relax and helps me be looser. That helps me jump higher. Thank you.” ~ Ali R.

“Chuck and his team of experts are hands down the best at what they do. Their level of expertise, professionalism, and especially “bedside manner” is irrefutable.” ~ Thomas G.

“My family has been going to Chuck Pechin for over 4 years. Whenever my kids are hurt or sore from any sporting activity, the first thing they want to do is get and appointment with Chuck to work out all the aches. They are sore when they go to see him, but come out feeling better every time. We’ve gone to Chuck for ankles, hamstrings, sore backs, tight shoulders, neck pain….anything that causes pain he figures out a way to relieve the pain quickly so that they are back out playing sports faster than ever, without pain.” ~ Debbie L.

"I am a fitness trainer/coach, and have been going to Chuck for the past 6 yrs. not only has this amazing team and staff helped me these past 6 years. They have helped and restored more than half our clients at Fitbody Boot Camp. I always say 'if your are going to train like an athlete, you need to treat your body as one.' This staff and team at Chuck Pechin Alternative Therapy has been a gift and a blessing. They have not only helped me stay in alignment and pain free. They have helped my client, & 100's of others to keep doing what they LOVE... Fitness!!!” ~ Shelly F.

“Chuck: Thank you for the great therapy for the last three years you have provided for my daughter, Kelley. After several soccer games, you’ve been able to balance her hips and ankles. You are a true miracle worker. She always feels much better after seeing you. I wish we could take you with us when we travel!” ~ Kathryn F.

“Dear Chuck: Thank you so much for the thoughtful graduation gift, I can’t wait to go out for a special dinner! Thanks for everything you have done for me and my family over the years, it really means so much. I remember when you taught me to be careful crossing our street and to look both ways when I was a little girl. I will never forget all of the good times! Love, “ ~ Lauren

“Thank you for your care, encouragement and for going unnecessarily out of your way for me. I appreciate you. My next step is to get the cortisone shot. Thank you again!” ~ MaryAnne

“A special thank you to you and your staff for taking such good care of Michelle this year! Also, thank you for referring us to Dr. Maloof! You both played a huge huge part in keeping Michelle healthy, so she was able to compete in meet, invitational, league prelim/finals, CIF prelims/finals, masters and state prelims/ finals! Wow! We appreciate all you’ve done for her! Thank you,” ~ Steve and Norma W.

“Dearest Chuck: You are godsend! Thank you for your generosity with me. Every visit makes a difference and brings me more power, strength and peace. As the saying goes, “it’s priceless.” ~ Megan

“Chuck Pechin has been administering alternative sports medicine treatments to our family for the past five years, specifically utilizing his miraculous PMR machine. Chuck has provided care and advice to my two sons, both football and basketball players, my husband (for back pain), and myself (shoulder and neck pain) and I cannot stress enough how much help and relief he has brought to all of us through the years. My oldest son, Zach was diagnosed with a form of dyspraxia when he was five years old. He underwent extensive occupational and physical therapy to help him gain balance and coordination for several years. No physician or therapist we have dealt with since had any kind of knowledge or interest in helping him to achieve his physical goals beyond those early years. Upon meeting Chuck, our son was quickly aided by Chuck’s tremendous knowledge of the human body and how muscle groups and proprioceptors all work together. Since working with and being treated by Chuck, Zach has developed into a highly gifted athlete who has competed at the highest level of high school sports in Orange County in both basketball and football. He was even recently offered a spot on a collegiate basketball team for his exceptional performance. None of this would have been possible, in my opinion, if Chuck had not spent the time sharing his knowledge of sports performance with our family. Thank you,” ~ Andi D.

“The services Mr. Pechin provides are second to none for athletes. He refers to himself as Chuck; which others refer to him as the miracle worker, Mr.Miyagi and a godsend (to name a few). The things he is able to do with his PMR machine are nothing short of miracles, but they by far do not take place of any mainstream physical therapy and will not correct for torn ligaments or broken bones. Athletes come to Mr. Pechin for the same reason cars go into the shop: to get services. Many of these athletes compete at the highest level in their sport. He works on Olympic athletes, NFL players, and Division 1 athletes, all individuals who was (and need) to be at their 100% all of the time Mr. Pechin and the team he has trained to with the PMR machine make this happen. Thank you,” ~ Jaclyn C. R.

“Chuck: Thank you for all you do. Our daughter has been under the care of Chuck Pechin for the past four years. Chuck is extremely knowledgeable, has a wealth of experience, and is dedicated and passionate about helping people. It is because of Chuck, our daughter has remained healthy which has enabled her to continue to be a competitive hurdler/ sprinter, which in turn has earned her a scholarship. We trust Chuck immensely and we value his expertise and friendship. He is genuine, honest, and treats each athlete as if they were his own. We know first-hand; Chuck has been a blessing to many, many athletes.” ~ Steve and Norma W.

“I wanted to share an experience I had with Chuck Pechin. In January of 2008 I rolled my ankle really badly. I went to urgent care and was put in a cast and crutches for8 weeks. Then I went to a boot for 4 months .I was supposed to go to an Orthopedic Doctor, but being the stubborn red head I am I never went. I had a friend of mine that kept begging me to go see “Chuck Pechin”. I said no I’m fine. After a year of chronic pain and swelling I finally went to a specialist. She suggested I go to physical therapy. I went aboutn10 times and realized it was not for me. So this January 2010 I decided to roll my left ankle. Not too smart when you rely on your left ankle, because the right one is so painful. This time I was a little smarter. After a week I went to a specialist who put me in a boot for what seemed like eternity. After 9 weeks, I finally asked my friend for this “Chuck Pechin’s” number. I made an appointment and was completely amazed. I walked in with my boot on and walked out without it. On my third visit with Chuck he had a few extra minutes, he asked me to take off my right shoe and sock off so he could look at my right ankle. Chuck looked at my ankle, manipulated a little bit, pulled it towards me as hard as he could, at least it felt like that, I had a second of pain, and of course said “ what the… did you just do?” he said “get up and walk.” For the first time I was completely pain free. Wow amazing I started to cry and he got a little chocked up too. That was two weeks ago. Now I am back to running 3 miles a day with no pain in my right ankle. No swelling, sleeping at night. The left ankle still needs a little work, but I am progressing very quickly. Thank you,” ~ Lorilei C.

“We bring our daughter to see Chuck Pechin because his use of PMR has helped her far more than traditional physical therapy. We originally went to traditional PT for 6 months for aback strain and ankle problems with very little improvement. After Hayley’s first appointment with Chuck, she had marked improvement, immediate pain relief and was given very specific strengthening exercises to prevent further injury. Hayley has been kept on the court playing through all her subsequent “twinges” instead of being sidelined. We feel the PMR is the key to this. As a mom, I have watched athlete after athlete limo in and go out pain free. Traditional PT did not address Hayley’s specific needs and was kind of “one size fits all”. We will continue to rely on Chuck for our athletic therapy needs. He is simply the best in our minds, and we trust his care.” ~ Roberta G.

“Dear Chuck: Just a note to express how much we appreciate the work done on Matt. The taping of his foot in order to keep him running on track has kept his hip injury free. He is so enjoying a happy training season and being able to slowly build his strength and speed. Also the PMR has been a lifesaver for him. He is naturally very tight and stretching only goes so far. With the signs of mileage he sees such a huge difference in recovery. I don’t think he could jog the miles without it. What has been particularly useful is coming not only when he is injured but as maintenance… keeping him loose and preventing injury. Thank you so much- Matt would have given up running long ago without you. Warmest regards,”~ Debbie N.

“I just want to thank CAP Therapy for making my sports career a success. Being a competitive soccer player as well as a D1 athlete, they really made it all possible! At CAP Therapy, their professional, experience and trained staff is prepared to not only exceed your needs, but also the healing discovery opportunities encountered during therapy. I was immediately impressed with their detailed knowledge of not only the muscular and skeletal systems, but the totally body and its functions. Their ability to transfer information into terms that I could understand allowed me to grasp the information I needed in order to do my part of the therapy outside CAP. I have been getting treated at CAP for over 12 years now, and since the very first visit, their evaluations/treatments have always been spot on. It gives me immediate confidence regarding their plan for my recovery. I had a severe hamstring injury that put me out of my soccer career for a good while, but being treated by stellar doctors and therapist, I was back to doing what I love much quicker than we all expected. To this day I still call them my “miracle doctors” and truly believe that. I highly recommend them to anyone.” ~ Tanya E.

"The services at CAP Alternative Therapy are, personally, the best of any physical therapy places I have attended. The employees at CAP all have such positive attitudes at their workstations and emit a friendly environment that brings hundreds of patients back. Since day one of attending CAP therapy, I got the impression that these chiropractors and physical therapists absolutely love their jobs and it shows with the amazing work they accomplish. Every CAP employee that I have come across has knowledge of many fields of expertise that contribute to an overall unique form of therapy and they gladly teach these to incoming interns, such as myself. I know coming to a therapy session that I will leave in better shape, no matter the injury and continue to come back to the incredible care and the hardworking and inspiring employees at CAP therapy." ~ Kelsie K.

  • Thank you for your care, encouragement and for going unnecessarily out of your way for me. I appreciate you. My next step is to get the cortisone shot. Thank you again! ~ MaryAnne

  • Chuck and his team of experts are hands down the best at what they do. Their level of expertise, professionalism, and especially "bedside manner" is irrefutable. ~ Thomas G.

  • Dear Chuck: Thank you for taking such great care of Erin. I know it meant a lot for her to be able to play in the last few soccer games. Thank you also for taking care of my dad. I think he might be a long-term project though! You are appreciated! ~ Kandi B.

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